Second to none, creative industries courses designed and delivered by Creative Industries International are meant for learners to be self-taught under the guidance of CII consultants. After completing the selected course, learners will be issued a certificate of completion by CII.

Learn to make a difference



Express to Improve

In light of our motto of staying curious, critical and creative, you will learn how to leverage art-making process to explore, express and improve oneself. Guided by our consultants of art therapy, you will be able to complete this unique course within a timeframe of your choice.


Make It Top

When it comes to making a lasting impression with an institution or individual, it’s crucial to use the right combination of appealing elements to accomplish the mission. We’re highly committed to visual quality as well as usability, which is why we make sure any technical materials created by us for your Brand Architecture project are based on a solid foundation.


Loyal Clients

Whenever we take on a new project, we don’t stop till we understand the company’s character and vision through and through. This enables us to generate Website Design solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We make it a point to know the ins and outs of both our client and their industry when coming up with new ideas. From the initial design concept to the final outcome, our team works hard towards effectively bringing our clients’ vision to life.

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